About Us

Mindcell is an IIT alumni body offering training and guidance to students aspiring to get into the premier engineering and medical institutes in the country. The aim of Mindcell is to deliver quality coaching and guidance to bright students in their quest towards gaining entry into the hallowed portals of renowned educational institutes across the country.

Mindcell achieves this through an optimal mix of highly qualified faculty, comprehensive study material and regular tests and monitoring.

The entire study program has been designed, prepared, executed and coordinated by a core team of IIT alumni. With years of shaping success stories, we take pride in our students, who have made it to the top in their respective careers. The one common thing behind all our successful students is that they started with a dream of being achievers. And they gave us the opportunity to help them realize their dreams.

With exhaustive study material, the best faculty team, extensive personal counselling and a detailed individual performance tracking and feedback system, we give our students a competitive edge right from the time they walk in or write to us with an enquiry, to the time they successfully walk in to careers they have aspired for.

Why Mindcell?

Our esteemed institute is home to a distinguished team of extensively qualified faculty members, each equipped with advanced degrees, substantial experience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in education

Extensive study material offers comprehensive coverage, fostering a deep understanding of subjects and promoting effective learning strategies for academic success and excellence in education.

Developing valuable performance insights by implementing comprehensive Test Series and Assessments, fostering academic progress, and enhancing overall achievements through a dedicated and rigorous approach to evaluation and analysis

Deepen comprehension with thorough doubt-solving sessions and focused revisions, nurturing mastery and instilling confidence in the relevant subjects, thereby empowering students to excel academically with a solid foundation